Dogging Course – Townsville

Dogging Course Townsville

Our latest class of Doggers have passed with flying colors –

From left to Right – Liz, Jean, Lachlan,Gavin, John, Rob, Kevin, David (Biscuit Jones)

Due to the Doggers course being a high risk licence, we have taken extra care to insure the delivery of our course is highly interactive.

With a combination of classroom and practical training  the students received plenty of time on the crane, learning their hand signals, whistles and maths.


Jean keeping a close eye on things

Using a hands on approach to training like this allows the students to build the confidence they required to pass the upcoming assessments.

The students made up from QR National and Markwell Group where in safe hands with our industry experienced trainer Jean Struzik with the 5 day intense training course commencing on Monday, Jean put the students through their paces from the beginning.

Lifting the Bogey from QR National
Team work – Makes the job easy

We are able to tailor the course to suit your company’s needs, for example we are using a Bogey and wheel set from QR National.



If you are considering becoming a Dogger or require the ticket for your current position and would like to enroll in one of our up coming courses please feel free to contact the office or go to our inquires page and one of our staff will be in contact with you.