AHC32816 Certificate III In Rural Operations

The Certificate III in Rural Operations provides a wide range of options to acquire skills and knowledge to work in a rural setting. This may include mixed farming and agricultural production, but can also cater for a blend of skills that extend to other rural and regionally based enterprises such as retail and agribusiness, local government, tourism, transport, construction and mining.

This qualification covers multi functional roles in agriculture, horticulture and conservation land management, and other related industries. It also covers other industry sectors, such as local government, tourism, hospitality, transport, construction, information technology metals.

Job roles and titles vary across different sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualifications include:

People wishing to work professionally in the rural, Construction and Transport industry.

People already working in the Rural, Construction and Transport industry wishing to upgrade their skills.

People wishing to undertake traineeships in the Rural, Construction and transport industry.

Successful achievement of the licensing units within the qualification must align with licensing and regulatory requirements applicable to driving and state/territory regulatory requirements. Please be advised that there is additional cost for lodging you high risk licence with work health and safety.


Applicants attempting licencing units must comply with state licencing requirements.


The Certificate in Rural Operations includes sixteen (16) units, twelve (12) core subjects which are compulsory and four (4) elective

CORE – AHCWRK309 Apply environmentally sustainable work practices
CORE – AHCWHS301 Contribute to work health and safety processes
CORE – AHCMOM302 Perform machinery maintenance
CORE – AHCMOM304 Operate machinery and equipment
CORE – AHCMOM217 Operate quad bikes
CORE – AHCMOM216 Operate side by side utility vehicles
CORE – AHCWRK311 Conduct site inspections
CORE – FWPCOT2237 Maintain chainsaws
CORE – FWPCOT2239 Trim and cut felled trees
CORE – RIISAM203D Use hand and power tools
CORE – FWPCOT3238 Operate a pole saw
CORE – AHCWRK303 Respond to emergencies

ELECTIVE – RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces + MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres
ELECTIVE – RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights
ELECTIVE – RIIMPO317F Conduct roller operations
ELECTIVE – RIIMPO318F Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations
ELECTIVE – RIIMPO319E Conduct backhoe loader operations
ELECTIVE – RIIMPO320F Conduct civil construction excavator operations
ELECTIVE – RIIMPO321F Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations
ELECTIVE – RIIHAN301E Operate elevating work platform
ELECTIVE – TLILIC0005 Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more)
ELECTIVE – TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck
ELECTIVE – TLIC3003 Medium Rigid Vehicle
ELECTIVE – TLIC3004 Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle Automatic (additional prices – page 4)


Each qualification is expected to take up to 6 months to complete, however some learners may wish to apply themselves to complete earlier.


Course is based face to face and within workbooks at Industry Training Queensland offices so you can learn at your own pace.
Onsite trainers are available Monday to Friday and students have access to Industry Training Queensland training rooms.
Training times are from 8.00am to approximately 4.00pm each day supervised written and/or verbal and practical assessment.


A full qualification for AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations will be issues to applicants who meet the criteria required from the training package.



Vet Funding Eligibility Criteria

The Certificate 3 Guarantee Program is a Queensland Government Initiative

The Certificate 3 Guarantee supports eligible individuals to complete their first post-school certificate III level qualification and increase their skills to move into employment, re-enter the workforce or advance their career. It also supports Queensland’s Year 12 graduates to transition to employment by providing fee-free training in high priority qualifications.

Participants must be

15 years of age or above

No longer at school

Queensland Resident

Not currently enrolled in another course, hold or have previously enrolled into a Certificate II or higher level Qualification

Are students who hold qualifications that are not Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications eligible under the Certificate 3 Guarantee?

Students who hold a bachelor degree or higher level qualification awarded by a tertiary college or university in Australia are not eligible to access the Certificate 3 Guarantee as these qualifications form part of, and are nationally recognised within, the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Students who hold a Certificate level I to Advanced Diploma qualification issued prior to the introduction of the Australian Qualifications Framework in 1995 are eligible to access the Certificate 3 Guarantee.

Can students complete more than one certificate III level qualification through the Certificate 3 Guarantee program?

No - students are entitled to access government subsidised training for one completed Certificate III qualification. For this reason, it is very important that prior to signing an enrolment form and committing to a course of study which will use up the entitlement, students take the time to consider the course they are choosing and to compare training options and costs.

Certificate 3 Guarantee Student Fact Sheet and FAQs

A student fact sheet and FAQs are available on the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training website.

https://desbt.qld.gov.au/    data/assets/pdf_file/0018/8145/c3g-factsheet-student.pdf


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