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RIIHAN309E – Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations

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Industry Training Qld (Provider No. 30477) offers RIIHAN309E – Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations

The Telehandler, RIIHAN309D is nationally recognized operator training program.  The current Licencing requirements for each state are listed in the following EWPA document – Licensing & Training Requirements – Issue 9 – Jan 2014

All States of Australia have OH&S regulations in place to secure and promote health and safety and welfare of all people, and employees of the employer in the workplace, and further states the duty extends to providing such information, instruction training and supervision work. Therefore elevated Work Platform, EWP operators need documented proof he/she has been trained in the safe used of Telehandlers, the RIIHAN309D – Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations is a chosen solution.

Your course fees that are paid to Industry Training Qld include the fees for the licence. We will process the application and forward your Card and Certificate to the address you have provided.

Students must be at least 18 years of age.

The training program is broken into two parts:

  • Theory including video presentation and Assessment
  • Demonstration / Practical operation assessment of machine tailored specifically to your telescopic handler

Once the operator has been deemed competent in the safe use and operation of a telescopic handler and successfully completed the assessment tasks as set out by the accredited trainers. The operator will be issued with a telescopic handler RII card.

The telescopic handler card will meet your two key objectives of the OH&S acts being:

  • It confirms that the operator of the telescopic handler has been trained in the safe use of the machine
  • The employer and user all have documentary evidence that the required ‘duty of care’ has been met or exceeded

The  RIIHAN309D – Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations training course runs for a day approx 8.30am — 4 pm and is available Monday to Friday please contact our office to arrange dates.

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