Industry Training Queensland

We offer nationally recognised training and assessment across a wide range of qualifications. Our trainers and assessors are fully qualified, who not only hold the necessary qualifications but also have extensive experience in their field of training and assessment. They remain in touch with industry through local and far-reaching networks, to ensure that our training and assessment practices meet the requirements of current industry best practice.

The courses provided by ITQ are competency-based training programs that allows students to complete both the formal and informal requirements of the licence all at ITQ’s training facility or your workplace by prior arrangement. Students are required to be trained to a level suitable to achieve all elements necessary to satisfy the mandatory Workplace Health & Safety Qld assessment: Every qualification you receive is nationally recognised and a certificate of competency is issued upon completion.

Our classes are never over-crowded, so every person gets the full benefit of training and assessment. You can be reassured that Industry Training Qld complies with all Workplace Health & Safety processes, from the enrolment stage to the receipt of the certificate or ticket.

Industry Training Qld is a Townsville owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that commenced operations in the Mt Isa region as J&N Transport Services Pty Ltd and continued there for some ten years. In year 2000, J & N Transport Services Pty Ltd assessed the North Queensland marketplace and found that most of the demand for heavy vehicle driver training was in the coastal region, and therefore decided to relocate to Townsville.

This enabled J & N Transport Services Pty Ltd to meet the training demand in the coastal area and continue to service remote areas. Located at 51-55 Toll Street Bohle, ITQ have experienced solid growth throughout the Townsville and North Qld region, investing in our own equipment and training facility it helps shape the community’s perspective of how a training organisation should operate.

With a strong presence in Townsville, ITQ has been expanding its horizons by placing contractors into our neighbouring cities, Mackay, Cairns, Mount Isa, and the Far North QLD. We also offer H.R, H.C & MC truck training covering all of Brisbane. So, when you are comparing our company with others complete the check list to see if you are getting excellent value for your dollar:

Do they have fully qualified trainers and assessors?

Do their Trainers and Assessors have a wide range of experience in the qualification they are offering?

Are they a recognised Registered Training Organisation?

Do they offer Nationally recognised qualifications?

Are their classes overcrowded to the point where you will not get the full benefit of the training and assessment offered?
(For example – what is their student to machine ratio, e.g., some have ten students to one forklift, – imagine the quality time you would get in that situation.)

Are they flexible with their training schedule? Or do you have to wait until they have enough students to fill their overcrowded class?

If you are not completely sure of the outcomes of your checklist, talk to us. And if you are already convinced that our service is the best you can get, talk to our friendly staff to begin your training and assessment experience.

The Directors of Industry Training Qld (ITQ) require compliance against any Legislation and Regulations that relate to
Complaints and Appeals the Standards for RTOs 2015, Standard 6: Clauses 6.1- 6.6.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are adopted at every
stage of the complaint and appeals process.

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