Dangerous Goods Course

Dangerous Goods Course





2 day Dangerous Goods Course which conforms to the ADG7 requirements.

We conduct this course regularly throughout Queensland and are recognised by the Department of Transport as a training provider on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road (Unit of Competency TLILIC0001

Preparation to transport dangerous goods by road

The completion of the unit of competency will enable a person to meet the competency requirements for the application of a dangerous goods driver licence. In addition licence holders are required to reattend a course for the purpose of renewing their licence prior to expiry. The unit of competency within this course will meet the competency requirements for renewing their licence for the transport of dangerous goods by road.

Knowledge gained:

  • Basic knowledge of the ADG Code and relevant State/Territory dangerous goods regulations as they apply to vehicles transporting dangerous goods by road
  • Basic knowledge of procedures and guidelines concerning the transport of dangerous goods
  • Basic knowledge risks associated with the transporting of dangerous goods by road and related precautions to control those risks
  • Basic knowledge housekeeping standards procedures required in the workplace
  • Basic knowledge assess suitability of transport vehicles intending to carry dangerous goods
  • Knowledge to read and interpret information on transport documentation including consignment/manifest sheets
  • Knowledge to plan appropriate transport routes and appropriate rest stops
  • Knowledge of methods of securing a vehicle following loading and unloading of dangerous goods including bulk transfer of dangerous goods
  • Knowledge of relevant permit and / or licence requirements
  • Knowledge and ability to complete / amend appropriate documentation